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D.3 Usenet Groups

There are several Usenet newsgroups that you might find to be interesting sources of information on network security and related topics. However, the unmoderated lists are the same as other unmoderated groups on the Usenet: repositories of material that is often off-topic, repetitive, and incorrect. Our warning about material found in mailing lists, expressed earlier, applies doubly to newsgroups.

comp.security.announce (moderated)

Computer security announcements, including new CERT/CC advisories


Unix security


Miscellaneous computer and network security


Information about firewalls

comp.virus (moderated)

Information on computer viruses and related topics


Computer administrative policy issues, including security


TCP/IP internals, including security


Unix system administration, including security


Discussions about cryptology research and application

sci.crypt.research (moderated)

Discussions about cryptology research

comp.risks (moderated)

Discussions about security risks; see Section D.1.3.6

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