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9.3 Filename Problems

CVS reserves some filenames for its own uses, and other filenames are included in the default ignore list.

If you have a file that CVS appears to be ignoring, check the default ignore list and any cvsignore files in your repository, home directory, or sandbox. The default list is provided in Section of Chapter 6. If the -I! option to a CVS command causes CVS to recognize the file, then you can be sure the file is in a cvsignore list. You can temporarily force CVS to recognize an ignored file by stating it explicitly as a command parameter.

CVS uses CVS and Attic directories in the repository. CVS prevents you from using the filename CVS but permits you to create files or directories called Attic. If you use an Attic directory and look in the repository, the Attic directory has files that don't exist on the trunk from the directory above it, as well as those you are currently using in your sandbox version of the Attic. You should avoid using Attic as a file or directory name.

CVS may ignore a filename with a # or .# prefix, as CVS reserves some files with the prefix .# for its own use. In the sandbox, CVS uses the .# prefix for copies of files it has overwritten during a merge. In the repository, lock files start with #.

Another cause of filename problems is a conflict between the filesystem on a client computer and the filesystem on a repository. For example, filename case is significant in Linux and Unix filesystems, but not in Windows filesystems. If two filenames vary only in case and you are checking them out to a filesystem that ignores case, the second file to be checked out may overwrite the first. This can also cause problems when you attempt to change the case of a file in Windows. Another possible, case-related problem is that if you are disconnected from the network, on an operating system that doesn't consider case relevant, then you cvsremove FiLe and try to cvs add file, CVS may search the pending requests, see that FiLe existed, and perceive cvs add as an unremove.

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