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CVS Options

Use the following syntax to issue CVS commands:

cvs [cvs-options] command 
[cmd-options] [args]

Replace cvs-options with one or more of the following:


Authenticate the data stream


Set the repository root directory (used in server modes)

-d repository-path

Specify the repository path for the current command

-e editor

Use the specified editor in commit or import commands


Do not use the ~/.cvsrc file

-H or --help

Display help for CVS


Display a list of CVS commands


Display a list of CVS options


Display a list of synonyms for CVS commands

--H command or --help command

Display the options and help for the specified command


Do not log the current command to the history file


Do not write to the repository or sandbox


Run in quiet mode


Run in very quiet mode


Set files checked out to the sandbox read-only

-s variable=value

Set a user variable for use with one of the scripting files in CVSROOT


Display messages that trace the execution of the command

-T directory

Use the named directory to store temporary files

-v or --version

Display CVS version and copyright information


Set files checked out to the sandbox readable and writable


Encrypt all data that travels across the network

-z #

Compress all network traffic using the specfied gzip compression level

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