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A.4 Web Sites


The web site of Oracle Corporation. Contains a wide variety of pages of interest to Oracle web developers, as well as links to other web development resources, including Oracle Support.


Operated by the IOUG-A. Contains technical articles from Select magazine, papers from IOUG-Alive conferences, a technical discussion forum, and other areas of interest to Oracle web developers.


The web site of the EOUG. Contains information of general interest to Oracle web developers, information about EOUG conferences and educational events, and information about European, Middle Eastern, and African user groups.


The web site of the Asia Pacific Oracle Users Group. Contains information of interest to Oracle users in the Asia and Pacific Rim regions, as well as useful links to other Oracle resources.


Operated by a consortium of Oracle user groups and special interest groups. Contains a number of useful Oracle-related links.


An online resource with useful articles and discussion forums for DB2 and Oracle developers.

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