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About the Examples

I've been writing intensively about PL/SQL since 1994, and I have had a great time doing it. At the same time, I must admit that I have simultaneously grown a little bit bored with using the same set of examples again and again (yes, those infamous emp/employee and dept/department tables), and very concerned about the state of the world as we approach the end of the twentieth century. Sure, things could be worse, but things could be a whole lot better (with my examples and the world).

Given these twin preoccupations, I have decided to offer examples that are decidedly different from the usual. I'll be talking about topics ranging from the state of health care in the United States to the strength of the gun lobby, from wage structures to environmental issues. I believe that even if you don't agree with the positions I have on a particular issue, you will find that this "breath of fresh air" approach will help you engage with the technical material.

I would also be very happy to hear from you -- whether you agree or disagree! -- and I encourage you to visit my web site, at http://www.StevenFeuerstein.com , where you can read more about my life and viewpoints and can get in touch.

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