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Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins Pocket Reference

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1. Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins Pocket Reference

1.1 Introduction

The Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins Pocket Reference is a quick reference guide to the many built-in packages and functions provided by Oracle Corporation. It contains a concise description of the syntax for the following:

  • Built-in packages

  • Built-in functions

  • RESTRICT REFERENCES pragmas for the built-in packages

  • Nonprogram elements (e.g., constants, exceptions, etc.) defined in the built-in packages

Although we don't include every single package and function in this pocket reference, we've included all the built-ins that most PL/SQL developers will ever need to use.

NOTE: Where a package, program, or function is supported only for a particular version of Oracle (e.g., Oracle8), we indicate this in the text.

The purpose of this pocket reference is to help PL/SQL users find the syntax of specific built-in headers. It is not a self-contained user guide; basic knowledge of PL/SQL and its built-ins is required. For more information, see the following books:

Oracle PL/SQL Programming , by Steven Feuerstein and Bill Pribyl (O'Reilly & Associates, Second Edition, 1997).

Oracle Built-in Packages , by Steven Feuerstein, Charles Dye, and John Beresniewicz (O'Reilly & Associates, 1998).

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    1.2 Conventions

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