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About Q

John Beresniewicz is one of the principal designers and implementers of the Q family of products from Savant Corporation. Q is a major application based primarily on PL/SQL code that uses the Oracle built-in packages; John's knowledge and experience with the built-ins is largely derived from his work on Q.

Q is designed to help DBAs and developers address performance tuning, problem diagnosis, and space management issues in networked database environments. Q includes facilities for database tuning and diagnostics, SQL tuning, event and alarm generation, network diagnostics, PC troubleshooting, and broadcast messaging. The Q Diagnostic Center for Oracle is a powerful diagnostic tool for analyzing Oracle performance problems. The product architecture combines a unique graphical interface utilizing principles of visual intelligence, which communicates with a data access layer implemented entirely as PL/SQL packages. Q also includes a PL/SQL server-side agent executing under the Oracle job queue.

If you are interested in Savant Corporation and the Q product family, please visit http://www.savant-corp.com . A fully functional trial copy of the Q Diagnostic Center for Oracle and PC can be downloaded from the site.

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