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About the Disk

The content of the companion Windows disk that accompanies this book has been included on this CD, in the /bipack/disk/ directory. It contains the Companion Utilities Guide for Oracle Built-in Packages , an online tool developed by RevealNet, Inc., that gives you point-and-click access to more than 175 files of source code and documentation that we developed. Many of the code examples are also printed in the book. We've included these to give you a jump-start on writing your own PL /SQL code and to keep you from having to type many pages of PL /SQL statements from printed text.

Appendix A , describes how to install the Windows-based interface. You can run the software in any Microsoft Windows environment. If you are working in a non-Windows environment, you can obtain a compressed file containing the utilities on the desk from the RevealNet PL /SQL Pipeline Archives at http://www.revealnet.com/plsql-pipeline .

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