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Oracle Built-in Packages

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Part IV: Distributed Database Packages

This part of the book describes the built-in distributed database packages:

  • Chapter 14, Snapshots , explores the packages, DBMS_SNAPSHOT, DBMS_REFRESH, and DBMS_OFFLINE_SNAPSHOT, and some programs in DBMS_REPCAT that show how to maintain snapshots, snapshot groups, and snapshot logs.

  • Chapter 15, Advanced Replication , explains how to use DBMS_REPCAT, DBMS_REPUTIL, DBMS_OFFLINE_OG, DBMS_REPCAT_ADMIN, DBMS_REPCAT_AUTH, and DBMS_RECTIFIER_DIFF to create and to administer your replicated databases.

  • Chapter 16, Conflict Resolution , shows you how to configure Oracle to automatically detect, correct, and report many forseeable conflicts by using procedures in DBMS_REPCAT to create and maintain custom resolution methods.

  • Chapter 17, Deferred Transactions and Remote Procedure Calls , introduces the DBMS_DEFER package and shows you how to queue deferred remote procedure calls (RPCs) and use DBMS_DEFER_QUERY and DBMS_DEFER_SYS to perform administrative and diagnostic activities.

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