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About the Disk

The content of the companion PC disk (in MS-DOS format) that accompanies this book has been included on the CD, in the /advprog/disk/ directory. This disk contains a number of different elements (in compressed format), :

  • The installation program for RevealNet's PL/Vision Lite Online Reference, a companion to the book.

  • The packages of PL/Vision Lite.

  • Additional SQL*Plus scripts that improve developer productivity. Some of these scripts provide shortcuts to executing PL/Vision elements. Others are useful independent of PL/Vision.

  • Additional programs referenced throughout the book.

The disk itself can be run on any Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or Windows NT system. If you do not have a Windows system and are running a Macintosh, UNIX, or other type of system, you can obtain the PL/Vision Lite software from the RevealNet site at http://www.revealnet.com .

Chapter 4 explains the detailed contents of the directories created by the PL/Vision Lite installation program setup.exe .

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