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6.6 The Predefined Constants

In addition to the predefined datatypes, the PLV package offers a set of constants that are used throughout PL/Vision. These constants define the type of input or output repository you want to use in a given situation. These constants are used in PLVio, PLVlog, and PLVexc. The input/output options in PL/Vision are shown in the following table.



Database table


PL/SQL table


Operating system file


VARCHAR2 string


Standard output


For example, if you want to define the target repository of the PLVio package to be a PL/SQL table, you will issue this command:

SQL> exec PLVio.settrg (PLV.pstab);

If you want PLVlog to write its information to an operating system file, you will execute this command:

SQL> exec PLVlog.tofile;

which in turn sets the v_log_type variable to the PLV.file constant.

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