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TCP/IP Network Administration

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I would like to thank the many people who helped in the preparation of this book. All of the people who contributed to the first edition - John Wack, Matt Bishop, Wietse Venema, Eric Allman, Jeff Honig, Scott Brim, and John Dorgan - deserve thanks because so much of their input lives on in this edition.

The second edition has benefited from many contributors. Bryan Costales and Eric Allman did their best to set me straight about sendmail V8. Cricket Liu and Paul Albitz provided many comments that improved the sections on Domain Name Service. Ted Lemon provided insights about the technical details of DHCP and dhcpd . Elizabeth Zwicky's and Brent Chapman's insights on security were very helpful. Simson Garfinkel also commented on the security chapter. (You can't be too careful about security!) Jeff Sedayao reviewed the entire book and provided improvements for almost every chapter. And finally Æleen Frisch showed me the gaps that needed to be filled in. All of these people helped me make this book better than the first edition. Thanks!

All the people at O'Reilly & Associates have been very helpful. Mike Loukides, my editor, deserves a special thanks. Mike keeps me pointed in the right direction when my enthusiasm fades. Gigi Estabrook handled the very hectic job of editing the second edition. Nicole Gipson Arigo was the production editor and project manager. Nancy Wolfe Kotary and Jane Ellin performed quality control checks. Elissa Haney provided production assistance. Bruce Tracy wrote the index. Edie Freedman designed the cover, and Nancy Priest designed the interior format of the book. Lenny Muellner implemented the format in troff. Chris Reilley's handiwork from the first edition has been updated by Robert Romano, who created the illustrations for this edition.

Finally, I want to thank my family - Kathy, Sara, David, and Rebecca. They keep my feet on the ground when the pressure to meet deadlines is driving me into orbit. They are the best.

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