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3.4 :include: Files and Mailing Lists

Files referenced using the :include: syntax have the same syntax as ~/.forward files. Any files written via a :include: file must be writable by the owner of the :include: file, and any other :include: files referenced for inclusion must be readable by the owner of the referencing :include: file.

To set up a mailing list managed by, for example, sally , set up the following aliases:

sample:         :include:/var/lists/sample.list
sample-request: sally
owner-sample:   sample-request

Then create the file /var/lists/sample.list , mode 644, and owned by sally . Mail sent to sample will be sent to everyone on the list. Error messages will go directly to sample-request , and in turn to sally . (The list-request syntax is an Internet convention, see §25.2.)

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