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Part II: Build and Install

The second part of this book covers the building and installation of V8.8.4 sendmail , the latest version as of the publication of this book. If newer releases occur, you should obtain the latest source (see Section 18.3, "Obtain the Source" ) and use it in place of this version.

Chapter 18, Compile and Install sendmail

Discusses the reasons for using sendmail in the first place. Shows where and how to obtain the source and finally how to build and install the working binary and most support files.

Chapter 19, V8 m4 Configuration

Covers the easy creation of a configuration file using V8's m4 technique. A huge number of FEATURE s are described, each of which provides an easy solution to an otherwise difficult configuration problem.

Chapter 20, The checkcompat() Cookbook

Reveals the inner workings of sendmail 's internal checkcompat() routine. Many typical problems are discussed and checkcompat() coding solutions offered.

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