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Logging and Statistics
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26.5 Pitfalls

  • The syslog (3) library uses datagram sockets for passing information to other hosts. As a consequence, there is no guarantee that all logged information will be received by those other hosts.

  • When using m4 , exercise care to avoid using m4 keywords in unexpected places. For example, attempting to notify a user named dnl in the syslog.conf file causes that name and all the text following on the same line to be lost.

  • Prior to V8, sendmail used no record or file locking with the StatusFile ( S ) option's statistics file. As a consequence, it was not guaranteed to contain 100 percent accurate information. As another consequence, statistics files should never be shared among multiple hosts using remote file systems.

  • Care should be exercised in using the -X switch as root . No check is made to ensure that the transaction logging file makes sense. It is possible to make a typo and accidently append transaction data to the wrong file or device.