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Setting Options
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13.5 Things to Try

  • What problem would you foresee with declaring the location of the queue directory using a relative pathname? Suppose you used ./tmp (for tmp under the current directory)? What if you were root when you tried this or were not where you thought you were?

  • The LogLevel ( L ) option uses syslog (3) to record messages. Read the online manual for syslog (3) on your system, and determine where sendmail logging information is stored. Does the logging level that we specified (9) produce too much or too little information? Use tail -f to watch that information while at the same time sending mail with the client.cf file.

  • Why did we specify a To: header when sending mail, when the recipient was already listed in the command line? What happens when you omit the To: header and send mail using client.cf ?

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