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Wrappers and Proxies
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22.5 UDP Relayer

UDP Relayer is a program written by Tom Fitzgerald that receives UDP packets and retransmits them to other computers. Like SOCKS , it has a configuration file that allows you to specify which kinds of packets should be forwarded and which should not. Because UDP is a connectionless protocol, UDP Relayer must keep track of outgoing packets so that incoming packets can be relayed back to the proper sender. By default, UDP Relayer remembers outgoing packets for 30 minutes.

At the time of this writing, UDP Relayer was in an early 0.2 Alpha release. A future release is planned, but that release may or may not occur - especially considering that SOCKS Version 5 will include support for UDP .

Thus, instead of providing detailed instructions regarding the program's use, we will merely tell you how to get the program, and then refer you to the program's documentation.

22.5.1 Getting UDP Relayer

UDP Relayer can be freely downloaded from the Internet. The address is:


In the 0.2 release, the file README contains information on installing the program. The file ARCHIE-NOTES contains specific information on making UDP Relayer work with Archie.