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Building Internet Firewalls

Building Internet FirewallsSearch this book
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B.4 Proxy Systems Tools

The tools in this category let you add proxy capabilities to your system. See the discussion in Chapter 7 .

B.4.1 TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit ( FWTK )

See the discussion of the TIS FWTK in the "Authentication Tools" section of this appendix.



SOCKS , originally written by David Koblas and Michelle Koblas and now maintained by Ying-Da Lee, is a proxy-building toolkit that allows you to convert standard TCP client programs to proxied versions of those same programs. There are two parts to SOCKS : client libraries and a generic server. Client libraries are available for most UNIX platforms, as well as for Macintosh and Windows systems. The generic server runs on most UNIX platforms and can be used by any of the client libraries, regardless of their platform.

B.4.3 UDP Packet Relayer


This package, by Tom Fitzgerald, is a proxy system that provides much the same functionality for UDP -based clients that SOCKS provides for TCP -based clients.