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Building Internet Firewalls

Building Internet FirewallsSearch this book
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A.4 Newsgroups

There are a variety of Usenet newsgroups that you might find an interesting source of information on network security and related topics:

  • comp.security.announce  - computer security announcements, including new CERT-CC advisories

  • comp.security.unix  - UNIX security

  • comp.security.misc  - miscellaneous computer and network security

  • comp.security.firewalls  - proposed newsgroup on firewalls; might never be created

  • alt.security  - alternative discussions of computer and network security

  • comp.admin.policy  - computer administrative policy issues, including security

  • comp.protocols.tcp-ip  - TCP/IP internals, including security

  • comp.unix.admin  - UNIX system administration, including security

  • comp.unix.wizards  - UNIX kernel internals, including security

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