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16.2. mSQL System Variables

Before mSQL 2, the only post-install configuration that could be performed was through a few global environment variables. However, mSQL 2.0 introduced a configuration file that allows for a much greater flexibility in setting mSQL's parameters. This section covers both the environment variables and the mSQL 2 specific configuration file.

16.2.2. The mSQL Configuration File

The mSQL configuration file contains the values of several variables that effect the operation of the mSQL programs. By default, the location of the configuration file is /usr/local/Hughes/msql.conf. This value can be changed by setting the MSQL_CONF_FILE environment variable. The configuration file begins with a section name in brackets followed by the variables for that section. Following is a sample msql.conf file:


Inst_Dir = /usr/local/Hughes
mSQL_User = msql
Admin_User = root
Pid_File = %I/msql2d.pid
TCP_Port = 1114
UNIX_Port = %I/msql2.sock


Msync_Timer = 30
Host_Lookup = True
Read_Only = False


Auth_Host = NULL
Footer = True
Force_Private = False

The general section affects the operation of all mSQL programs, the msqld database server uses the system section and the w3-msql section is for the W3-mSQL web/database interaction system. When mSQL reads the configuration files, it replaces the characters %I with the location of the mSQL installation on the server machine. The available variables for each section are listed below.

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