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5.6. mSQL Utilities

We have already covered one of the utilities that ships with mSQL, msqladmin. mSQL provides seven basic utilities for basic interaction with mSQL. In addition to those basic utilities, mSQL supports a lightweight scripting utility called Lite and a web interface called W3-mSQL. Third party developers support numerous tools beyond those that come with mSQL. We will now take a detailed look at the basic mSQL utilities beyond msqladmin and then skim over the list of third party tools. We will address Lite and W3-mSQL later in the book.

5.6.2. Third Party Support

As with any popular Internet product, the third party products that support mSQL are numerous. These products range from conversion utilities to programming interfaces. No matter how you use mSQL, you are certain to make use of at least one of the third party products outlined here. This list cannot, of course, be comprehensive as the availability of third party tools changes daily. You should check with the Hughes and mSQL PC web sites listed earlier in this chapter for the most up-to-date lists of third party tools. Programming interfaces


Provides an interface between mSQL and the NExS spreadsheet application. NExS is a popular spreadsheet that can interactively link with an external data source. ConNExS enables mSQL database tables to serve as data sources for an NExS spreadsheet. Any changes to the spreadsheet will appear in the underlying mSQL table.


Exposes the SQLBase API as a C wrapper to mSQL programs. The SQLBase API is a third party database connectivity API that supports several major SQL servers. This program translates the mSQL API into the SQLBase API so that SQLBase clients can work with mSQL.


Encapsulates the mSQL C API so that ODBC clients on OS/2 can run against mSQL. ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a popular database-independent API supported by most databases for access from OS/2 and Windows. This wrapper implements the common ODBC features that mSQL supports, but only for the OS/2 operating system. It includes the minimum allowed ODBC functionality.


Packages the mSQL C API in the form of a Windows Data Linked Library (DLL). Using this DLL, you can write Windows applications using VisualBasic or any other Windows programming tool that works against DLLs.


Wraps the mSQL TCP/IP network protocol into a Java API that resembles the mSQL C API. It provides a quick start to writing Java applications for developers who already know the mSQL C API but may not be familiar with the Java standard JDBC API. MsqlJava only works under JDK 1.0.


Implements the Java standard Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API on top of the mSQL TCP/IP network protocol. This package supports the maximum level of JDBC functionality possible for mSQL in both JDK 1.1 and JDK 1.2 (Java 2) environments, including the JDBC 2.0 standard. Chapter 14, "Java and JDBC", discusses Java programming against this API in detail, while Chapter 22, "JDBC Reference", provides a full reference for JDBC 2.0.


Implements the ODBC API for mSQL 1 on Windows. David Hughes is currently working on a mSQL 2 implementation.


Enables Perl scripts to access mSQL databases. Chapter 10, "Perl", discusses Perl programming for MySQL and mSQL in detail, and Chapter 21, "Perl Reference", provides a full reference for mSQLPerl.


Enables Python scripts to access mSQL databases. Chapter 11, "Python", discusses Python programming for MySQL and mSQL in detail, and Chapter 20, "Python Reference", provides a full reference for mSQLPython.


Supports mSQL access from REXX, a scripting language most commonly found on the OS/2 operating system.


Enables any program in Tcl to access mSQL databases. This support encompasses many Tcl extensions, including Tcl/Tk and Expect.


Provides mSQL database access via the Vdb database library. Vdb is a database-independent C API that enables common client code to access several different backend database servers. Vdb clients can use this API to access mSQL databases.


Provides object-oriented mSQL database access to C++ programs.

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