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4.2. Installing MySQL

The first step in using MySQL is installing it. MySQL runs on just about any Unix platform you can imagine as well as Windows 9x, Windows NT, and OS/2. The Windows 9x and Windows NT ports require the purchase of a license before you can use them. If you really want to take a test drive, an older shareware version is available.

MySQL comes in both binary and source code distributions. If you are looking to contribute to the MySQL project, want to add your own hacks, or simply cannot find a binary distribution for your platform, you should get the source code distribution. The vast majority of users, however, should get the binary distribution. You can find the latest binary and source distributions at http://www.mysql.com.

If you get the source distribution, you will have to compile MySQL in order to install it. Either way, you should refer to the instructions that come with your distribution as they will be the definitive resource on installing that distribution.

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