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C.7. Tuning and Post-Installation Considerations

Linux should now boot and work adequately. However, we recommend several enhancements.

C.7.3. Binary Emulation

AlphaLinux is mostly binary compatible with Tru64 Unix (Digital Unix or DU); however, not all the system calls have been implemented. To run Tru64 Unix binaries on AlphaLinux, you need some of the shared libraries from Tru64 Unix, which requires a legal license of Tru64 Unix. More detailed explanation on how to set this up can be found in the AlphaLinux FAQ at http://www.alphalinux.org/faq/FAQ.html.

AlphaLinux can also execute i386 Linux binaries through a program called em86. Information on this is also available in the AlphaLinux FAQ. Please note that patching the kernel is no longer necessary, although you must compile in support for i386 binaries when building the kernel.

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