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B.4. Some GNOME Applications

An increasing number of GNOME-compliant applications have become available. Some of the most popular include:


An application for creating all sorts of sophisticated diagrams.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program (the project that started it all), described in Chapter 9, "Editors, Text Tools, Graphics, and Printing". The GIMP is a powerful image editing and painting application. It performs common image manipulation functions such as painting, color correction, and cropping. It also supports advanced features such as layers and selections and is extensible via a sophisticated plug-in system. The plug-ins are separate programs that provide specialized image manipulation functions or special effects.


A powerful spreadsheet application. Gnumeric has all the features you would expect from any commercial offering but is free software. An exceptionally useful feature of Gnumeric is its ability to import and export Microsoft Excel files. For more information, check out http://www.gnome.org/gnumeric.


A basic graphics application. This is also the tool that Gnumeric uses to plot graphics.


A full-featured word processor that uses the GNOME libraries as its engine and in the future will take full advantage of all of GNOME's component technology. This means users will be able to link and embed spreadsheets from Gnumeric or graphics from the GIMP into AbiWord documents or link AbiWord documents back into those programs.

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