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17.7. Raising the Focus Window Automatically

If you're using pointer focus (FocusFollowsMouse), you might want to consider also using the FvwmAuto module to automatically raise the focus window. If we add the following line to our .fvwm2rc file, the focus window is automatically raised after the pointer has been in it for 200 milliseconds:

Module FvwmAuto 200

(That's one-fifth of a second to metric-resistant types.) The delay is important and makes FvwmAuto much more practical. Generally when pointer focus is in effect, an autoraise feature can make the display seem chaotic: when you move the pointer across the screen, the focus hits several windows and they are raised in a distracting shuffle. With an autoraise delay, you can avoid the shuffling by moving the pointer quickly to the window you want to focus on.

If you use ClickToFocus mode by default, the autoraise feature is built in and you don't have to make this modification.

Of course, those who adapt to using the FvwmWinList module to transfer focus will have their windows raised automatically, without having to edit their .fvwm2rc file -- or even move the pointer off the WinList.

One of your menus may also be configured to offer an item that turns on autoraise on the fly and another item that turns it off again. In some default setups, the Fvwm Modules menu features AutoRaise and Stop AutoRaise for these purposes.

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