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13.4. gawk System Variables

Variable Description

nth field in current record; fields are separated by FS

$0 Entire input record
ARGC Number of arguments on command line
ARGIND Current file's place in command line (starting with 0)
ARGV An array containing the command-line arguments
CONVFMT Conversion format for numbers (default is %.6g)
ENVIRON An associative array of environment variables
ERRNO Description of last system error
FIELDWIDTHS List of field widths (whitespace-separated)
FILENAME Current filename
FNR Like NR, but relative to the current file
FS Field separator (default is any whitespace; null string separates into individual characters)
IGNORECASE If true, make case-insensitive matches
NF Number of fields in current record
NR Number of the current record
OFMT Output format for numbers (default is %.6g)
OFS Output field separator (default is a blank)
ORS Output record separator (default is a newline)
RLENGTH Length of the string matched by match function
RS Record separator (default is a newline)
RSTART First position in the string matched by match function
SUBSEP Separator character for array subscripts (default is \034)

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