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13.7. Apache-SSL's Directives

Apache-SSL's directives follow, with a small section at the end of the chapter concerning CGIs.

13.7.14. SSLFakeBasicAuth

Server config, virtual host

This directive makes Apache pretend that the user has been logged in using basic authentication (see Chapter 5, "Authentication"), except that instead of the username you get the one-line X509, a version of the client's certificate. If you switch this on, along with SSLVerifyClient, you should see the results in one of the logs. The code adds a predefined password.

13.7.15. CustomLog

CustomLog nickname
Server config, virtual host

CustomLog is a standard Apache directive (see Chapter 11, "What's Going On?" ) to which Apache-SSL adds some extra categories that can be logged:


The name of the cipher being used for this connection.


The one-line version of the certificate presented by the client.


If the client certificate verification failed, this is the SSLeay error code. In the case of success, a "-" will be logged.


This is the SSLeay string corresponding to the error code.


The version of SSL being used. If you are using SSLeay versions prior to 0.9.0, then this is simply a number: 2 for SSL2 or 3 for SSL3. For SSLeay version 0.9.0 and later, it is a string, currently one of "SSL2," "SSL3," or "TLS1."

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