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4.8. Handlers

A handler is a piece of code built into Apache that performs certain actions when a file with a particular MIME or handler type is called. For example, a file with the handler type cgi-script needs to be executed as a CGI script. This is illustrated in ... /site.filter.

Apache has a number of handlers built in, and others can be added with the Actions command (see the next section). The built-in handlers are as follows:


Sends the file as is, with HTTP headers (mod_asis).


Executes the file (mod_cgi). Note that Options ExecCGI must also be set.


Uses the file as an imagemap (mod_imap).


Gets the server's configuration (mod_info).


Gets the server's current status (mod_status).


Parses server-side includes (mod_include). Note that Options Includes must also be set.


Parses the file as a type map file for content negotiation (mod_negotiation).

isapi-isa ( Win32 only)

Figure 4.8 Causes ISA DLLs placed in the document root directory to be loaded when their URLs are accessed. Options ExecCGI must be active in the directory that contains the ISA. Check the Apache documentation, since this feature is under development (mod_isapi).

The corresponding directives follow.

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