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3.2. Butterthlies, Inc., Gets Going

The httpd.conf file (to be found in ... /site.first) contains the following:

User webuser
Group webgroup
ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot /usr/www/site.first/htdocs
TransferLog logs/access_log

In the first edition of this book we mentioned the directives AccessConfig and ResourceConfig here. If set with /dev/null (NUL under Win32), they disable the srm.conf and access.conf files, and were formerly required if those files were absent. However, new versions of Apache ignore these files if they are not present, so the directives are no longer required.

Figure 3.2 If you are using Win32, note that the User and Group directives are not supported, so these can be removed.

Apache's role in life is delivering documents, and so far we have not done much of that. We therefore begin in a modest way with a little HTML script that lists our cards, gives their prices, and tells interested parties how to get them.

We can look at the Netscape Help item "Creating Net Sites" and download "A Beginners Guide to HTML" as well as the next web person, then rough out a little brochure in no time flat:[24]

[24]See also HTML: The Definitive Guide, by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (O'Reilly & Associates).

<h1> Welcome to Butterthlies Inc</h1>
<h2>Summer Catalog</h2>
<p> All our cards are available in packs of 20 at $2 a pack.
There is a 10% discount if you order more than 100.
Style 2315
<p align=center>
<img src="bench.jpg" alt="Picture of a bench">
<p align=center>
Be BOLD on the bench
Style 2316
<p align=center>
<img src="hen.jpg" ALT="Picture of a hencoop like a pagoda">
<p align=center>
Get SCRAMBLED in the henhouse
Style 2317
<p align=center>
<img src="tree.jpg" alt="Very nice picture of tree">
<p align=center>
Get HIGH in the treehouse
Style 2318
<p align=center>
<img src="bath.jpg" alt="Rather puzzling picture of a bathtub">
<p align=center>
Get DIRTY in the bath
<p align=right>
Postcards designed by Harriet@alart.demon.co.uk
Butterthlies Inc, Hopeful City, Nevada 99999

"Rough" is a good way to describe this document. The competent HTML person will notice that most of the </P>s are missing, there is no <HEAD> or <BODY> tag, and so on. But it works, and that is all we need for the moment.

Figure 3.2 We want this brochure to appear in ... /site.first/htdocs, but we will in fact be using it in many other sites as we progress, so let's keep it in a central location and set up links using the Unix ln command. We have a directory /usr/www/main_docs, and this document lives in it as catalog_summer.html. This file refers to some rather pretty pictures that are held in four .jpg files. They live in ... /main_docs and are linked to the working htdocs directories:

% ln /usr/www/main_docs/catalog_summer.html .
% ln /usr/www/main_docs/bench.jpg .

Figure 3.2 The remainder of the links follow the same format (assuming we are in .../site.first/htdocs).

Figure 3.2 If you type ls, you should see the files there as large as life.

Figure 3.2 Under Win32 there is unfortunately no equivalent to a link, so you will just have to have multiple copies.

3.2.1. Default Index

Type ./go and shift to the client machine. Log onto http://www.butterthlies.com /:

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