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0.5. Acknowledgments

First, thanks to Robert S. Thau, who gave the world the Apache API and the code that implements it, and to the Apache Group, who worked on it before and have worked on it since. Thanks to Eric Young and Tim Hudson for giving SSLeay to the Web.

Thanks to Bryan Blank, Aram Mirzadeh, Chuck Murcko, and Randy Terbush, who read early drafts of the first edition text and made many useful suggestions; and to John Ackermann, Geoff Meek, and Shane Owenby, who did the same for the second edition. Thanks to Paul C. Kocher for allowing us to reproduce SSL Protocol, Version 3.0, in Appendix D, "SSL Protocol ", and to Netscape Corporation for allowing us to reproduce echo.c in Appendix B, "The echo Program ".

We would also like to offer special thanks to Andrew Ford for giving us permission to reprint his Apache Quick Reference Card.

Many thanks to Robert Denn, our editor at O'Reilly, who patiently turned our text into a book -- again. The two layers of blunders that remain are our own contribution.

And finally, thanks to Camilla von Massenbach and Barbara Laurie, who have continued to put up with us while we rewrote this book.

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