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Java Language Reference

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I wish to acknowledge the patience of my wife, Ginni, and my daughters, Rachel, Shana, and Sossa, during the long hours I spent writing this book.

I also want to thank Mike Loukides and Andy Cohen for their valuable suggestions on the content of this book. I particularly want to thank Paula Ferguson, who spent many long hours above and beyond the call of duty poring over the details of this book to edit it into its final form.

Thanks also to the staff at O'Reilly & Associates. Nicole Gipson Arigo was the production editor and project manager. Kismet McDonough-Chan proofread the book. Ellie Fountain Maden and Sheryl Avruch performed quality control checks. Seth Maislin wrote the index. Erik Ray, Ellen Siever, and Lenny Muellner worked with the tools to create the book. Robert Romano fine-tuned the figures. Nancy Priest designed the interior book layout, and Edie Freedman designed the front cover.

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