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Java Language Reference

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Online Resources

There are many sources for information about Java. Sun Microsystems's official Web site for Java topics is http://www.javasoft.com/. You should look here for the latest news, updates, and Java releases. This site is where you'll find the Java Development Kit ( JDK), which includes the compiler, the interpreter, and other tools.

The various comp.lang.java.* newsgroups can be a good source of information about Java. The comp.lang.java.announce newsgroup is for announcements that may be of interest to Java developers. The comp.lang.java.programmer newsgroup is for discussion of the Java language; it's also a good place to ask intelligent questions. There are a number of other Java newsgroups for various kinds of specialized discussions. You should read the FAQ to find out more. The FAQ is maintained on the Web at http://sunsite.unc.edu/javafaq/javafaq.html.

You should also visit O'Reilly & Associates' Java site on the Web at http://www.ora.com/publishing/java . There you'll find information about other books in O'Reilly's Java series.

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