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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.util Package

30.18 java.util.PropertyResourceBundle (JDK 1.1)

This class is a concrete subclass of ResourceBundle. It reads a Properties file from a specified InputStream and implements the ResourceBundle API for looking up named resources from the resulting Properties object.

A Properties file contains lines of the form:


Each such line defines a named property with the specified String value.

Although you can instantiate a PropertyResourceBundle yourself, it is more common to simply define a Properties file, and then allow ResourceBundle.getBundle() to look up that file and return the necessary PropertyResourceBundle object.

See also Properties and ResourceBundle.

public class PropertyResourceBundle extends ResourceBundle {
    // Public Constructor
            public PropertyResourceBundle(InputStream stream) throws IOException;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public Enumeration getKeys();  // Defines ResourceBundle
            public Object handleGetObject(String key);  // Defines ResourceBundle



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