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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.lang Package

25.54 java.lang.SecurityManager (JDK 1.0)

This abstract class defines the methods necessary to implement a security policy for the execution of untrusted code. Before performing potentially sensitive operations, Java calls methods of the SecurityManager object currently in effect to determine whether the operations are permitted. These methods throw a SecurityException if the operation is not permitted.

Normal applications do not need to use or subclass the SecurityManager class. It is typically only used by Web browsers, applet viewers, and other programs that need to run untrusted code in a controlled environment.

public abstract class SecurityManager extends Object {
    // Protected Constructor
            protected SecurityManager();
    // Protected Instance Variables
            protected boolean inCheck;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public void checkAccept(String host, int port);
            public void checkAccess(Thread g);
            public void checkAccess(ThreadGroup g);
        1.1public void checkAwtEventQueueAccess();
            public void checkConnect(String host, int port);
            public void checkConnect(String host, int port, Object context);
            public void checkCreateClassLoader();
            public void checkDelete(String file);
            public void checkExec(String cmd);
            public void checkExit(int status);
            public void checkLink(String lib);
            public void checkListen(int port);
        1.1public void checkMemberAccess(Class clazz, int which);
        1.1public void checkMulticast(InetAddress maddr);
        1.1public void checkMulticast(InetAddress maddr, byte ttl);
            public void checkPackageAccess(String pkg);
            public void checkPackageDefinition(String pkg);
        1.1public void checkPrintJobAccess();
            public void checkPropertiesAccess();
            public void checkPropertyAccess(String key);
            public void checkRead(FileDescriptor fd);
            public void checkRead(String file);
            public void checkRead(String file, Object context);
        1.1public void checkSecurityAccess(String action);
            public void checkSetFactory();
        1.1public void checkSystemClipboardAccess();
            public boolean checkTopLevelWindow(Object window);
            public void checkWrite(FileDescriptor fd);
            public void checkWrite(String file);
            public boolean getInCheck();
            public Object getSecurityContext();
        1.1public ThreadGroup getThreadGroup();
    // Protected Instance Methods
            protected native int classDepth(String name);
            protected native int classLoaderDepth();
            protected native ClassLoader currentClassLoader();
        1.1protected Class currentLoadedClass();
            protected native Class[] getClassContext();
            protected boolean inClass(String name);
            protected boolean inClassLoader();

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