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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.lang Package

25.12 java.lang.ClassLoader (JDK 1.0)

This abstract class defines the necessary hook for Java to load classes over the network, or from other sources. Normal applications do not need to use or subclass this class.

public abstract class ClassLoader extends Object {
    // Protected Constructor
            protected ClassLoader();
    // Class Methods
        1.1public static final URL getSystemResource(String name);
        1.1public static final InputStream getSystemResourceAsStream(String name);
    // Public Instance Methods
        1.1public URL getResource(String name);
        1.1public InputStream getResourceAsStream(String name);
        1.1public Class loadClass(String name) throws ClassNotFoundException;
    // Protected Instance Methods
        #   protected final Class defineClass(byte[] data, int offset, int length);
        1.1protected final Class defineClass(String name, byte[] data, int offset, int length);
        1.1protected final Class findLoadedClass(String name);
            protected final Class findSystemClass(String name) throws ClassNotFoundException;
            protected abstract Class loadClass(String name, boolean resolve) throws ClassNotFoundException;
            protected final void resolveClass(Class c);
        1.1protected final void setSigners(Class cl, Object[] signers);

Passed To:


Returned By:

Class.getClassLoader(), SecurityManager.currentClassLoader()

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