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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.io Package

24.59 java.io.Serializable (JDK 1.1)

The Serializable interface defines no methods or constants. A class should implement this interface simply to indicate that it allows itself to be serialized and deserialized with ObjectOutputStream.writeObject() and ObjectInputStream.readObject().

Objects that need special handling during serialization or deserialization may implement one or both of the following methods. Note, however, that these methods are not part of the Serializable interface:

private void writeObject(java.io.ObjectOutputStream out) 
                  throws IOException
private void readObject(java.io.ObjectInputStream in)
                    throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException;

Typically the writeObject() method performs any necessary cleanup or preparation for serialization, invokes the defaultWriteObject() method of the ObjectOutputStream to serialize the non-transient fields of the class, and then optionally writes any additional data that are required. Similarly, the readObject() method typically invokes the defaultReadObject() method of the ObjectInputStream, reads any additional data written by the corresponding writeObject() method, and finally performs any extra initialization required by the object. The readObject() method may also register an ObjectInputValidation object to validate the object once it is completely deserialized.

public interface Serializable {

Extended By:


Implemented By:

BitSet, Boolean, BorderLayout, BreakIterator, Calendar, CardLayout, Character, CheckboxGroup, Class, Collator, Color, Component, Cursor, Date, DateFormatSymbols, DecimalFormatSymbols, Dimension, Event, EventObject, File, FlowLayout, Font, FontMetrics, Format, GridBagConstraints, GridBagLayout, GridLayout, Hashtable, InetAddress, Insets, Locale, MediaTracker, MenuComponent, MenuShortcut, Number, ObjectStreamClass, Point, Polygon, PropertyChangeSupport, Random, Rectangle, String, StringBuffer, SystemColor, Throwable, TimeZone, URL, Vector, VetoableChangeSupport

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