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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.io Package

24.51 java.io.PipedWriter (JDK 1.1)

PipedWriter is a character output stream that writes characters to the PipedReader character input stream to which it is connected. PipedWriter implements one half of a pipe, and is useful for communication between two threads of an application.

A PipedWriter cannot be used until it is connected to a PipedReader object, which may be passed to the PipedWriter() constructor, or to the connect() method.

PipedWriter inherits most of the methods of its superclass. See Writer for more information.

PipedWriter is the character stream analog of PipedOutputStream.

public class PipedWriter extends Writer {
    // Public Constructors
            public PipedWriter();
            public PipedWriter(PipedReader sink) throws IOException;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public void close() throws IOException;  // Defines Writer
            public void connect(PipedReader sink) throws IOException;
            public void flush() throws IOException;  // Defines Writer
            public void write(char[] cbuf, int off, int len) throws IOException;  // Defines Writer



Passed To:

PipedReader(), PipedReader.connect()

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