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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.io Package

24.43 java.io.ObjectStreamClass (JDK 1.1)

This class is used to represent a class that is being serialized. An ObjectStreamClass object contains the name of a class and its unique version identifier. This class does not have a constructor; you should use the static lookup() method to obtain an ObjectStreamClass object for a given Class object. The forClass() instance method performs the opposite operation--it returns the Class object that corresponds to a given ObjectStreamClass.

Most applications never need to use this class.

public class ObjectStreamClass extends Object implements Serializable {
    // No Constructor
    // Class Methods
            public static ObjectStreamClass lookup(Class cl);
    // Public Instance Methods
            public Class forClass();
            public String getName();
            public long getSerialVersionUID();
            public String toString();  // Overrides Object

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