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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.beans Package

23.17 java.beans.PropertyEditorManager (JDK 1.1)

The PropertyEditorManager class is never meant to be instantiated; it defines static methods for registering and looking up PropertyEditor classes for a specified property type.

A Java bean may specify a particular PropertyEditor class for a given property by specifying it in a PropertyDescriptor object for the property. If it does not do this, the PropertyEditorManager is used to register and look up editors. A bean or an application builder tool may call the registerEditor() method to register a PropertyEditor for properties of a specified type. Application builders and bean Customizer classes may call the findEditor() method to obtain a PropertyEditor for a given property type.

If no editor has been registered for a given type, the PropertyEditorManager attempts to locate one. For a type x, it looks for a class xEditor first in the same package as x, and then in each package listed in the property editor search path.

public class PropertyEditorManager extends Object {
    // Default Constructor: public PropertyEditorManager()
    // Class Methods
            public static PropertyEditor findEditor(Class targetType);
            public static String[] getEditorSearchPath();
            public static void registerEditor(Class targetType, Class editorClass);
            public static void setEditorSearchPath(String[] path);

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