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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.beans Package

23.11 java.beans.ParameterDescriptor (JDK 1.1)

A ParameterDescriptor object is a type of FeatureDescriptor that describes an argument or parameter to a method of a Java bean. The BeanInfo class for a Java bean optionally creates ParameterDescriptor objects that describe the parameters of the methods that the bean exports. While the BeanInfo class creates and initializes ParameterDescriptor objects, it is typically only application builders and similar tools that use these objects to obtain information about method parameters supported by the bean.

The ParameterDescriptor class is a trivial subclass of FeatureDescriptor, and does not provide any new methods. Thus, you should use the methods of FeatureDescriptor to provide information about method parameters.

public class ParameterDescriptor extends FeatureDescriptor {
    // Default Constructor: public ParameterDescriptor()



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