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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.awt Package

18.40 java.awt.Menu (JDK 1.0)

This class represents a pulldown menu pane that appears within a MenuBar. Each Menu has a label that appears in the MenuBar and may optionally be a tear-off menu. The add() and addSeparator() methods add individual items to a Menu.

public class Menu extends MenuItem implements MenuContainer {
    // Public Constructors
        1.1  public Menu();
            public Menu(String label);
            public Menu(String label, boolean tearOff);
    // Public Instance Methods
            public synchronized MenuItem add(MenuItem mi);
            public void add(String label);
            public void addNotify();  // Overrides MenuItem
            public void addSeparator();
        #   public int countItems();
            public MenuItem getItem(int index);
        1.1  public int getItemCount();
        1.1  public synchronized void insert(MenuItem menuitem, int index);
        1.1  public void insert(String label, int index);
        1.1  public void insertSeparator(int index);
            public boolean isTearOff();
        1.1  public String paramString();  // Overrides MenuItem
            public synchronized void remove(int index);
            public synchronized void remove(MenuComponent item);  // From MenuContainer
        1.1  public synchronized void removeAll();
            public void removeNotify();  // Overrides MenuComponent



Extended By:


Passed To:

MenuBar.add(), MenuBar.setHelpMenu(), MenuBarPeer.addHelpMenu(), MenuBarPeer.addMenu(), Toolkit.createMenu()

Returned By:

MenuBar.add(), MenuBar.getHelpMenu(), MenuBar.getMenu()

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