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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.awt Package

18.28 java.awt.GridBagConstraints (JDK 1.0)

This class encapsulates the instance variables that tell a GridBagLayout how to position a given Component within its Container.

gridx, gridy

These fields specify the grid position of the component. The RELATIVE constant specifies a position to the right or below the previous component.

gridwidth, gridheight

These fields specify the height and width of the component in grid cells. The constant REMAINDER specifies that the component is the last one and should get all remaining cells.


This field specifies which dimensions of a component should grow when the space available for it is larger than its default size. Legal values are the constants NONE, BOTH, HORIZONTAL, and VERTICAL.

ipadx, ipady

These fields specify internal padding to add on each side of the component in each dimension. They increase the size of the component beyond its default minimum size.


This Insets object specifies margins to appear on all sides of the component.


This field specifies how the component should be displayed within its grid cells when it is smaller than those cells. The CENTER constant and the compass-point constants are legal values.

weightx, weighty

These fields specify how extra space in the container should be distributed among its components in the X and Y dimensions. Larger weights specify that a component should receive a proportionally larger amount of extra space. A zero weight specifies that the component should not receive any extra space. These weights specify the resizing behavior of the component and its container.

See also GridBagLayout.

public class GridBagConstraints extends Object implements Cloneable, Serializable {
    // Public Constructor
            public GridBagConstraints();
    // Constants
            public static final int BOTH;
            public static final int CENTER;
            public static final int EAST;
            public static final int HORIZONTAL;
            public static final int NONE;
            public static final int NORTH;
            public static final int NORTHEAST;
            public static final int NORTHWEST;
            public static final int RELATIVE;
            public static final int REMAINDER;
            public static final int SOUTH;
            public static final int SOUTHEAST;
            public static final int SOUTHWEST;
            public static final int VERTICAL;
            public static final int WEST;
    // Public Instance Variables
            public int anchor;
            public int fill;
            public int gridheight;
            public int gridwidth;
            public int gridx;
            public int gridy;
            public Insets insets;
            public int ipadx;
            public int ipady;
            public double weightx;
            public double weighty;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public Object clone();  // Overrides Object

Passed To:

GridBagLayout.AdjustForGravity(), GridBagLayout.setConstraints()

Returned By:

GridBagLayout.getConstraints(), GridBagLayout.lookupConstraints()

Type Of:


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