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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.awt Package

18.26 java.awt.Frame (JDK 1.0)

This class represents an optionally resizable top-level application window with a titlebar and other platform-dependent window decorations. setTitle() specifies a title, setMenuBar() specifies a menu bar, setCursor() specifies a cursor, and setIconImage() specifies an icon for the window. Call the pack() method of Window to initiate layout management of the window and set its initial size appropriately. Call the show() method of Window to make a frame appear on the screen or to bring it to the front of the window stack. Call hide() to remove a frame from the screen. Call the dispose() method when the Frame is no longer needed so that it can release its window system resources for reuse.

The constants defined by this class specify various cursor types. In Java 1.1, these constants and the cursor methods of Frame are deprecated in favor of the Cursor class and cursor methods of Component.

public class Frame extends Window implements MenuContainer {
    // Public Constructors
            public Frame();
            public Frame(String title);
    // Constants
            public static final int CROSSHAIR_CURSOR;
            public static final int DEFAULT_CURSOR;
            public static final int E_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int HAND_CURSOR;
            public static final int MOVE_CURSOR;
            public static final int NE_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int NW_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int N_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int SE_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int SW_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int S_RESIZE_CURSOR;
            public static final int TEXT_CURSOR;
            public static final int WAIT_CURSOR;
            public static final int W_RESIZE_CURSOR;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public void addNotify();  // Overrides Window
            public synchronized void dispose();  // Overrides Window
        #   public int getCursorType();
            public Image getIconImage();
            public MenuBar getMenuBar();
            public String getTitle();
            public boolean isResizable();
            public synchronized void remove(MenuComponent m);  // Overrides Component
        #   public synchronized void setCursor(int cursorType);
            public synchronized void setIconImage(Image image);
            public synchronized void setMenuBar(MenuBar mb);
            public synchronized void setResizable(boolean resizable);
            public synchronized void setTitle(String title);
    // Protected Instance Methods
            protected String paramString();  // Overrides Container


Object->Component(ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable)->Container->Window->Frame(MenuContainer)

Passed To:

Dialog(), FileDialog(), Toolkit.createFrame(), Toolkit.getPrintJob(), Window()

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