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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.awt Package

18.14 java.awt.Color (JDK 1.0)

The Color object describes a color. The Color() constructors describe a color as red, green, and blue components between 0 and 255, or as floating-point values between 0.0 and 1.0. The class method Color.getHSBColor() creates a color using the hue/saturation/brightness color model.

brighter() and darker() are useful methods to create shading effects. The getColor() methods look up a color name in the properties database and convert the resulting integer color value into a Color object. Two of these methods provide a default value to be used in case the specified color name is not found.

public class Color extends Object implements Serializable {
    // Public Constructors
            public Color(int r, int g, int b);
            public Color(int rgb);
            public Color(float r, float g, float b);
    // Constants
            public static final Color black;
            public static final Color blue;
            public static final Color cyan;
            public static final Color darkGray;
            public static final Color gray;
            public static final Color green;
            public static final Color lightGray;
            public static final Color magenta;
            public static final Color orange;
            public static final Color pink;
            public static final Color red;
            public static final Color white;
            public static final Color yellow;
    // Class Methods
            public static int HSBtoRGB(float hue, float saturation, float brightness);
            public static float[] RGBtoHSB(int r, int g, int b, float[] hsbvals);
        1.1 public static Color decode(String nm) throws NumberFormatException;
            public static Color getColor(String nm);
            public static Color getColor(String nm, Color v);
            public static Color getColor(String nm, int v);
            public static Color getHSBColor(float h, float s, float b);
    // Public Instance Methods
            public Color brighter();
            public Color darker();
            public boolean equals(Object obj);  // Overrides Object
            public int getBlue();
            public int getGreen();
            public int getRGB();
            public int getRed();
            public int hashCode();  // Overrides Object
            public String toString();  // Overrides Object

Extended By:


Passed To:

Color.getColor(), Component.setBackground(), Component.setForeground(), ComponentPeer.setBackground(), ComponentPeer.setForeground(), Graphics.drawImage(), Graphics.setColor(), Graphics.setXORMode()

Returned By:

Color.brighter(), Color.darker(), Color.decode(), Color.getColor(), Color.getHSBColor(), Component.getBackground(), Component.getForeground(), Graphics.getColor()

Type Of:

Color.black, Color.blue, Color.cyan, Color.darkGray, Color.gray, Color.green, Color.lightGray, Color.magenta, Color.orange, Color.pink, Color.red, Color.white, Color.yellow

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