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Java in a Nutshell

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5. How To Use This Quick Reference

Finding a Quick Reference Entry
Reading a Quick Reference Entry

The quick-reference section that follows packs a lot of information into a small space. This introduction explains how to get the most out of that information. It explains how the quick reference is organized and how to read the individual quick-ref entries.

5.1 Finding a Quick Reference Entry

The following chapters each document one package of the Java API. The packages are listed alphabetically, beginning with java.applet and ending with java.util.zip. Each chapter begins with an overview of the package, including a hierarchy diagram for the classes and interfaces in the package. Within each chapter, the classes and interfaces of a package are themselves listed alphabetically.

If you know the name of a class, but not of the package that it is a part of, or if you know the name of a method or field, but do not know what class defines it, use the index in Chapter 32, Class, Method, and Field Index to find the information you need.

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