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The Books

Java in a Nutshell
By David Flanagan
1-56592-262-X, 628 pages.
2nd Edition, May 1997

Java Language Reference
By Mark Grand
1-56592-326-X, 475 pages
2nd Edition July 1997

Java AWT Reference
By John Zukowski
1-56592-240-9, 1074 pages
1st Edition April 1997

Java Fundamental Classes Reference
By Mark Grand and Jonathan Knudsen
1-56592-241-7, 1090 pages
1st Edition May 1997

Exploring Java
By Patrick Niemeyer & Joshua Peck
1-56592-184-271-9, 500 pages (est.)
2nd Edition July 1997 (est.)

The Java Reference Library CD-ROM

Product Manager
Lorrie LeJeune
Technical Development
Jessica Perry Hekman and Norman Walsh
Creative Director
Edie Freedman
Conversion Specialist
Erik Ray
Lenny Muellner
Seth Maislin