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Java AWT

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Data Transfer

16.6 UnsupportedFlavorException

The UnsupportedFlavorException exception is thrown when you ask Transferable.getTransferData() to give you data in a flavor that isn't supported by the object on the clipboard. For example, if the clipboard currently holds an image and you ask for the data in the stringFlavor, you will almost certainly get an UnsupportedFlavorException because it is unlikely that an image object will be able to give you its data as a String. You can either ignore the exception or display an appropriate message to the user.

UnsupportedFlavorException Method


public UnsupportedFlavorException (DataFlavor flavor)

The sole constructor creates an UnsupportedFlavorException with a detail message containing the human presentable name of flavor. To retrieve this message, call getMessage(), which this exception inherits from the Exception superclass (and which is required by the Throwable interface).

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