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Java AWT

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Conventions Used in This Book

Italic is used for:

  • Pathnames, filenames, and program names

  • Internet addresses, such as domain names and URLs

Typewriter Font is used for:

  • Anything that might appear in a Java program, including keywords, method names, variables names, class names, and interface names

  • Command lines and options that should be typed verbatim on the screen

  • Tags that might appear in an HTML document

To sort out the potential for confusion between different versions, I use the following dingbats throughout the book:


Identifies a method, variable, or constant that is new in Java 1.1.


Identifies a method from Java 1.0 that has been deprecated. Deprecated methods are available for compatibility but may disappear in a future release. These methods are tagged with the @deprecated flag, which causes the Java 1.1 compiler to display a warning message if you use them.

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