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0.6. Acknowledgments

The authors would like to say a big thank you to the book's technical reviewers, whose constructive criticism has done much to improve this work: Mike Slinn, Mike Hogarth, James Duncan Davidson, Dan Pritchett, Dave McMurdie, and Rob Clark. We're still in shock that it took one reviewer just three days to read what took us a full year to write!

0.6.1. Jason Hunter

In a sense, this book began March 20, 1997, at the Computer Literacy bookstore in San Jose, California. There--after a hilarious talk by Larry Wall and Randall Schwartz, where Larry explained how he manages to automate his house using Perl--I met the esteemed Tim O'Reilly for the first time. I introduced myself and brazenly told him that some day (far in the future, I thought) I had plans to write an O'Reilly book. I felt like I was telling Steven Spielberg I planned to star in one of his movies. To my complete and utter surprise, Tim replied, "On what topic?" So began the roller coaster ride that resulted in this book.

There have been several high points I fondly remember: meeting my editor (cool, she's young, too!), signing the official contract (did you know that all of O'Reilly's official paper has animals on it?), writing the first sentence (over and over), printing the first chapter (and having it look just like an O'Reilly book), and then watching as the printouts piled higher and higher, until eventually there was nothing more to write (well, except the acknowledgments).

There have been a fair number of trying times as well. At one point, when the book was about half finished, I realized the Servlet API was changing faster than I could keep up. I believe in the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, ask for help," so after a quick talent search I asked William Crawford, who was already working on Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, if he could help speed the book to completion. He graciously agreed and in the end wrote two chapters, as well as portions of the appendices.

There are many others who have helped in the writing of this book, both directly and indirectly. I'd like to say thank you to Paula Ferguson, the book's editor, and Mike Loukides, the Java series editor, for their efforts to ensure (and improve) the quality of this book. And to Tim O'Reilly for giving me the chance to fulfill a dream.

Thanks also to my managers at Silicon Graphics, Kathy Tansill and Walt Johnson, for providing me with more encouragement and flexibility than I had any right to expect.

I can't say thank you enough to the engineers at Sun who were tremendously helpful in answering questions, keeping me updated on changes in the Servlet API, and promptly fixing almost every bug I reported: James Duncan Davidson (who looks the spitting image of James Gosling), Jim Driscoll, Rob Clark, and Dave Brownell.

Thanks also to the members of the mailing list, whose questions and answers have shaped the content of this book; Will Ramey, an old friend who didn't let friendship blind his critical eye; Mike Engber, the man to whom I turned when I had run out of elegant workarounds and was ready to accept the crazy things he comes up with; Dave Vandegrift, the first person to read many of the chapters; Bill Day, author of Java Media Players, who helped intangibly by going through the book writing process in parallel with me; Michael O'Connell and Jill Steinberg, editors at JavaWorld, where I did my first professional writing; Doug Young, who shared with me the tricks he learned writing seven technical books of his own; and Shoji Kuwabara, Mieko Aono, Song Yung, Matthew Kim, and Alexandr Pashintsev for their help translating "Hello World" for Chapter 12, "Internationalization".

Finally, thanks to Mom and Dad, for their love and support and for the time they spent long ago teaching me the basics of writing. And a special thanks to my girlfriend, Kristi Taylor, who made the small time away from work a pleasure.

And Grandpa, I wish you could have seen this.

Jason Hunter

July 1998

0.6.2. William Crawford

First and foremost, thanks to Shelley Norton, Dr. Isaac Kohane, Dr. James Fackler, and Dr. Richard Kitz (plus a supporting cast whose contributions were invaluable), whose assistance and early support have made everything since possible. Also, to Martin Streeter of Invantage, Inc., for his support during this project.

Without Rob Leith, Roger Stacey, and Fred Strebeigh, I would probably still be stuck in the passive voice. Dale Dougherty offered me money in exchange for words, a twist of events that I still haven't gotten over. Andy Kwak, Joel Pomerantz, and Matthew Proto, brave souls all, were willing to read drafts and listen to complaints at one o'clock in the morning.

And, of course, to Mom and Dad for their years of support, and to my sister Faith for (usually) letting me get away with being a nerd.

William Crawford

July 1998

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