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0.6. Acknowledgments

I am grateful to the many people who have helped me with this book along the way; this book is as much a reflection of their support as anything else. I offer my heartfelt thanks to Mike Loukides for stewarding me through the editorial process.

Various drafts of this book were foisted upon my colleagues Mark Bordas, Charles Francois, David Plotkin, and Henry Wong; I am indebted to each of them for their feedback and support, and to Wendy Talmont for all her support. In addition, I was extremely fortunate to receive technical assistance from a highly talented group of individuals: to Jim Farley, Li Gong, Jon Meyer, Michael Norman, and especially to David Hopwood, I offer my deepest thanks for all your input. Finally, I must thank Roland Schemers for handling my last-minute barrage of questions with patience and insight.

The staff at O'Reilly & Associates was enormously helpful in producing this book, including Jane Ellin, the Production Editor; Robert Romano, who created the figures; Seth Maislin, who wrote the index; Hanna Dyer, the cover designer; Nancy Priest, the interior designer; Mike Sierra for Tools support; and Claire Cloutier LeBlanc, Nancy Wolfe Kotary, and Sheryl Avruch for quality control.

Finally, I must offer my thanks to James for all his patience and support, and for putting up with my continual state of distraction during phases of this process.

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